British interiors brand Neptune is known for its perennial elegance, but Christmas is a time that it's especially felt and appreciated. At the heart of its effortlessness aesthetic is interior designer and creative director of Neptune, Emma Sims-Hilditch. Here she shares a few of her most cherished tips for getting your home ready for the festive season:


Setting the table
Lead image The dining table has to be crafted from solid timber. It's so much more wholesome and gives your Christmas setting a woodland-like feel. My biggest tip for decorating the table is to adorn the entire room with the same motifs. If I'm using leafy garlands and lots of candlelight as my centrepiece, I'll then repeat that on window ledges, across surrounding furniture, and even by placing candlesticks in a cluster in the occasional floor corner. It brings the whole room to life and makes the dining table look even more spectacular. And don't ignore chairs and benches either. By simply draping a chunky throw or sheepskin rug on seats and chair backs, your scheme will be instantly elevated.



Be our guest
Above It's not all about a beautiful bed frame and bedside furniture, although that is a big part of creating a heavenly setting. All bedrooms should feel a little indulgent, so I always use high thread count Egyptian cotton bed linen with at least one snuggly blanket at the foot of the bed. I'll put a towelling robe on the back of the door and some spare slippers too, and when it begins to get dark I'll nip upstairs and pop their bedside lamps on so it looks wonderfully inviting. Final touches like a breakfast tray topped with a pretty jug of fresh water and tumblers, or a wicker basket with a spare phone charger, cotton pads, and a pillow spray, are such a joy to prepare too. Little gestures like this show you're a host who really cares.



Make an entrance
Above One of my favourite rooms to decorate is the hallway. It's so often overlooked and yet it's quite often the first place guests will see. From narrow to super spacious, there's so much you can do, but an indoor wreath is one thing that can be incorporated into any space. It's so fun to decorate the back of the door as well as the front! I then like to add an element of Christmas scent to any garlands I wrap around the staircase or over any hallway ledges so that the festive sprit is not just seen and felt, but smelt too from the moment you open your front door to greet chilly guests.

Article by: EKBB