Outdoor cooking tips and advice from Nicola Gidlow, John Lewis buyer for outdoor cooking:


• When planning a barbecue purchase there are four main considerations which consist of your budget, how often you will use it, how many people it will cook for and what method of cooking you prefer.

• Gas barbecues are an increasingly popular option. Quick, easy to control and hassle-free, the push button ignition provides an instant heat which means that you can start to cook on in about 10 minutes.

• Charcoal models offer a more traditional method of barbecuing. The heat is adjusted by raising or lowering the grill, and as these models are more portable they work well in smaller spaces. Consider purchasing a chimney starter for greater convenience.

• For both gas and charcoal style barbecues it’s also key to think about the details. Side tables add useful preparation space to the area, and thermometers allow you to measure the internal temperature and adjust the settings accordingly.





Shown top to bottom: Forno outdoor oven, £1,495, Morso; Cadac braaiMaxx 2 burnber BBQ, around £1,500, available from John Lewis; Bernini 2 burner BBQ, from £580, Boretti

Article by: EKBB