As the afternoon sunlight streams through the glass ceiling of Sue and Peter Best’s kitchen, the reflected clouds dance across the blank wall inside, making shapes that could be likened to an indoor art installation.


‘We kept that wall deliberately plain to make the most of the reflection and movement,’ explains Sue. ‘Sometimes the clouds get reflected onto the wall, or the rain, and sometimes the linear lines of the beams even get reflected. It’s a constantly changing space.’




The effect is a bright room full of natural pattern, at one with the garden beyond. ‘It has a calm and relaxing atmosphere because of the light and the feeling of space,’ says Sue. ‘We deliberately chose a glass balustrade on the decking outside the kitchen to give us an uninterrupted view of the garden. We’re surrounded by greenery here which makes it so easy to forget you’re in London.’


It’s not just the lines between outside and inside that are blurred. There’s a feeling of old melting into new as the contemporary sleek gloss cabinetry contrasts beautifully with the London brick left over from where the patio doors used to be in the 1960s extension.




‘It was no accident that we kept a mix of the old and new,’ explains Sue. ‘We’ve put oak blocks on the top of the brick so they can be used as seats or shelves, and in the soft seating area we have wooden flooring which gives a cosy feel. We wanted to flow with the space and make it feel comfortable and warm as well as light.’


While architect Matt Keeler of ASK Associates took charge of the major extension work, the kitchen design was left to the team at Kitchen Interiors London Ltd. ‘It’s hard to choose just one favourite part of the kitchen,’ laughs Sue. ‘We’ve created a huge amount of storage – things look tidy because they’re in cupboards. I love the induction hob as it looks great and is so energy efficient. And the wine cooler is my little extravagance!’


And it’s not just Sue who enjoys using the new kitchen – it’s her family, extended family and all of their friends too. ‘We wanted a social area where we could be as a family, which is exactly what we’ve got,’ she explains. ‘And quite often my older sons have friends round and they’ll congregate here, cooking and chatting. It’s lovely having all these young people using the space. The reality is that the kitchen hasn’t just refreshed our own home, it’s given the house a whole new lease of life and changed the way we live in it too.’




Gloss cabinetry and a glass splashback reflect the light flooding into the room, while the pale timber on the bottom section of the cupboards and on the island provides contrast and adds warmth. Ceramic flooring with a matt finish and underfloor heating softens the edges of the shiny surfaces, while original features such as the London brick and flashes of oak seamlessly blend old with the new.Tel 020 8997 5400. Kitchen prices start from £25,000 at Kitchen Interiors London Ltd. Cabinetry from Alno.


Photos by Darren Chung


Article by: Molly Forbes