When it comes to our fridge-freezers the main priority is keeping food fresh for as long as possible. The technology in today’s fridge-freezers works to keep food at its best for as long as possible, by maintaining a temperature and environment that reduces the build up of odours and bacteria and retains vitamins and minerals inside things like fruits and vegetables. Also look out for frost-free features in the freezer compartment, which stops ice building up.


Space savers

Lead image This top-of-the-line ICBBI-36UFDID fridge-freezer from Sub-Zero has an air purification filter based on technology developed for NASA to remove various odours, bacteria and ethylene gas within the appliance. The dual compressor system also works hard to keep the air in the freezer separate from the air in the fridge, which helps to keep both fresh and frozen food at its best. (Features: 501l capacity; H213xW91xD61cm; Price: £13,200)


Frost free

Below Models from the Gorenje Retro range contain IonAir technology, which circulates negatively charged ions to purify the air in the fridge, and is said to eliminate up to 95% of all bacteria, mould and odours. The brand also has NoFrost technology, which helps to prevent ice and frost from building up, helping to keep the interior clean and tidy. (Features: 254l capacity; H154xW60xD67cm; Price: around £679)




Hugely popular cookery shows on TV combined with our increasing awareness of what we are eating has led to a rise in people wanting to cook tasty, yet healthy meals.  Save space by choosing a combination oven that can also give you steam or microwave functionality, and save on time with a model that has pre-prepared recipes or automatic programmes.




The Combi-Steam MSLQ oven from V-Zug combines the speed of a microwave with conventional heat and steam, making it a great multifunctional option. It has accurate temperature control from 30-100°C which is perfect for sous vide cooking – a technique that helps to preserve the nutrients and flavour of food. (Features: 55l capacity; H60xW60xD57cm; Price: £4,680)



In the zone

Below The Point&Twist FlexInduction hob by Neff allows you to simply point and then twist towards the cooking zones to activate. Each zone has a power boost function, automatic pan recognition and LED display. You can add on griddle pans and Teppan Yaki grill plates for a flexible cooking experience. (Dimensions: H6xW92xD55cm; Price: around £1,188)




There are lots of things to think about when buying a new dishwasher, as models these days have so many different functions. Being aware of the water usage also saves both water and money in the long term, so it is well worth taking the time to compare between different models to ensure you get the right one for your needs.


Feeling Flexible

Below The BDIF616 integrated dishwasher by Baumatic has 12 handy programmes to ensure that your dishes are washed to perfection, some of which include a delicate wash and eco cycle at 45°C. It has 16 place settings with a height adjustable upper basket to easily accommodate plates and bowls as well as glasses. (Features: 10l water consumption per cycle; 44dB noise level; Price: around £499)



Eco Option

Below Know that you are saving energy where possible with the Miele G6997 SCVi XXL K2O Prestige dishwasher. Boasting an A+++-20% energy rating, it has an EcoTech heat storage system which stores the hot water in a pipe at the back, which helps to pre-heat the water for the next programme. This then means that less energy is needed to heat up the water again. (Features: 6.5l lowest water consumption; 41dB noise level; Price: £2,215)



Article by: Lucy Macdonald