As our lives become busier and we rely more heavily on our various devices it is more important that our homes become smarter too. We need our products to be multi-functional, flexible and current, which is why pieces that incorporate technology have been making their way into our homes in recent times. Peruse our round-up of smart furniture options for more information and ideas.


Sweet sounds

Above Combining soft furnishings with technology, the Brio sofa from Natuzzi features an integrated audio system. A hidden soft touch sensor activates it, and once you have connected your device via Bluetooth you can listen to your favourite songs while relaxing on the sofa through the built-in speakers. The Brio also has an adjustable headrest and footrest, for ultimate comfort. Prices start from £5,280.


Special storage

Below Spectral’s Ameno Entertainment System is a modern modular storage setup. It can house a vintage turntable or the latest audio equipment such as a tablet or iPhone to create a centre for all your music and storage needs. The Ameno can be individually designed to create the colour and material desired. Available from Chaplins. Prices start from £14,899.



Charge it up

Below The Spell Next wireless charging side table would make an elegant addition to a living space. Aside from the cable to plug it into the mains, the only hint of technology is the subtle mark on the wooden surface showing you where to place your device ready for charging. Prices start from around £381.



Flexible function

Below Italian brand Mogg has created a stylish yet multi-functional floor lamp, Tribeca. The clever shelving helps you to store essentials and provides a place to pop your phone, while the in-built USB port allows you to charge it up. It was designed by Marzia & Leonardo Dainelli, available at Go Modern. Prices starts from £740.



Article by: Lucy Macdonald