When designer Jayne Everett was in the first stages of planning, she decided to name this bespoke kitchen the Ladbroke, ‘because it would appeal to a client that would engage with the edgy, new looks that are seen around the Ladbroke Grove area of west London’.


Brass works beautifully as both a blend and a contrast with the Invisible Green colour by Little Greene Paint Company, used for the cabinetry. The kitchen effortlessly brings together an eclectic mixture of natural materials and out-of-the-ordinary finishes to produce a seamless, elegant room. 


The resulting kitchens are made from costly materials, often solid oak, but used in an incredibly efficient and effective way to minimise waste and maximise efficiency, while creating a unique product.




Cabinetry painted oak, with solid walnut interiors, start from £19,000 at Naked Kitchens.


Article by: Linda Parker