There’s always something about the change in season that makes us want to refresh and organise our homes. The utility room comes into its own here, as it’s the central hub for all things ‘spring cleaning’. If you are planning to reorganise wardrobes and wash and sort through your clothes, it’s definitely worth investing in a washing machine that you are confident will take care of even the most delicate of garments, in the long term.


Take a load off

Above Embrace the tech of the future with the wi-fi enabled Hoover Wizard DWT L413AIW3. It allows you to find out the energy used remotely through the app for not only this model, but for any Hoover Wizard connected appliance. With the option to see the energy used daily, weekly or monthly, you can have more control and create a more eco-friendly home environment. (Features: A+++ energy rating; 13kg load capacity; 1400rpm spin speed; 76dB max noise level; 10,500l annual water consumption; Price from £700.)


Quick and clean

Below If speedy cycles are key to your choice of washing machine, then consider the Indesit EWD 81482 W UK MyTime model as it can complete six of the most popular cycles in less than an hour. You also have complete control over the temperature and spin speed which means less creasing, ironing and wasted energy. (Features A++ energy rating; 8kg capacity; 1400rpm spin speed; 78dB max noise level; 11,594l annual water consumption; Price around £249).


quick and clean



Deep clean

Below This model from Hotpoint (Ultima S-Line RPD 10667) has Direct Injection tech which creates a foam with water and detergent to get rid of stains. The detergent enzymes are activated faster and penetrate fibres better, so you are getting a deep clean at lower temperatures. (Features A+++-40% energy rating; 10kg capacity; 1600rpm spin speed; 78dB max noise level; 12,460l annual water consumption; Price: £499.)


deep clean



Feeling Fresh

Below left Featuring innovative ÖKOMix technology, this L89499FL machine from AEG premixes detergent and softener with water before spraying onto fabrics from the top of the drum, a process which saves energy and leaves clothes smelling lovely and fresh. OptiSense internal sensors also adapt the energy, time and water to the load for the best result each time. (Features A+++-50% energy rating; 9kg capacity; 1400rpm spin speed; 75dB max noise level; 10,499l annual water consumption; Price £699).


feeling fresh / bubble trouble


Bubble trouble

Above right The WMi2006 fully integrated machine from Caple has 16 programmes, which range from a fast 30 minute 30°C wash to an eco 20°C. It also has an allergy care sensor system with specific drum cycles which work together to remove all traces of detergent from the fibres. (Features: A+ energy rating; 7kg capacity; 1400rpm spin speed; 76dB max noise level; 9,600l annual water consumption; Price from £737).


Article by: Lucy Macdonald