With the change in season meaning brighter weather and longer evenings, it's the perfect time to brush away the winter cobwebs with a spot of spring cleaning. It's easy to accumulate clutter and to put off rearranging drawers and shelves, but in just a few quick steps your home can feel fresh and organised. The thought of cleaning, dusting and washing can seem much more appealing when you are doing it in style, so why not pick up some handy essentials that will not only get the job done but also look aesthetically pleasing? We love this chic black dustpan and brush set below from Amara. Next up is to ensure you have enough storage for any loose bits and bobs around the house. Invest in some unique shelving, trolleys or baskets to store away things like books and blankets that will help keep things in order. Just a few simple changes can help your home (and yourself) feel revamped and ready for the spring and summer months.





Shown from top to bottom and left to right:

Danish kitchen utility set, £45, Nordic House
Peg bucket in Chalk, £15, Garden Trading
Industrial storage trolleys, from £99 for the medium size, Nordic House
Hambledon raw oak shelf ladder, £250, Garden Trading
Sweeper & funnel in black, £49, Amara
Perigot bamboo and ostrich duster, £17, as above

Article by: EKBB