Can you tell us about your new book?
Dream Décor is about creating a cool, creative and comfortable home, no matter where you live. I believe it’s possible to style a space you love whether you are in a small city apartment or a huge country estate – it’s about using the fundamental decorating elements to your advantage and picking the styles that make you feel happy. It starts by going through those fundamental elements – colour, pattern, texture, furniture, lighting and accessories – before taking an in-depth look at different decorating styles via homes I styled across Europe and the U.S.


Do you have a personal favourite destination style?
The Mediterranean. Not just because blue is my favourite colour, but also for the tactility of the style such as flagstone floors, knotted wooden furniture and handmade ceramic accessories all set against a cool white base palette with flashes of intense blue. To me it evokes calm and comfort.


Which country has had the most profound impact on your taste?
Definitely Spain as their use of colour is wonderful. And those Moorish tiles!





What are your favourite places to shop for interiors?
I like to mix high and low. A gorgeous investment piece from The Conran Shop such as a table, pendant or lamp can sit brilliantly next to a couch from a cut-the-middleman style store such as, for example.


Do you collect anything?
Yes, handmade ceramics. A number of years ago I bought some beautiful pieces from an artist called Mia Blanche in Stockholm and we ended up becoming friends. I now see her each time I’m in the city.


What would be your dream house?
Calvin Klein’s Miami beach house is incredible!


Any tips on a simple makeover for spring?
Try swapping out the rug under your sofa for a simple jute design. Take this as textural cue for the warmer days and layer in linen sack cushions to the sofa that feel tactile, cool and fresh.


Can you give us some effective ways to invite colour into the bathroom?
I’d say start by laying mint coloured glass tiles in the shower area and keep the rest of the space white for a subtle colour pop. If you have a freestanding bath you could paint the exterior of the tub in a statement colour to create a focal point.Also, hang a ‘floating’ mirror and place a coloured light strip behind it to create atmospheric light to your exact taste.


And three updates or ideas for the kitchen?
You can switch out drawer and cupboard pulls for new hardware. For example, a leather or brass design is very on-trend. Opting for freestanding units instead of built-ins will give your kitchen a relaxed feel. Or, you can open up some of the head-height cupboards to display tableware, or even your exotic ingredients with pretty packaging if you are a foodie.


What were your influences growing up?
I grew up in the countryside so I’ve always had an affinity to the pastoral and rustic.


Tell us a bit about your home?
It’s a traditional pre-war walk up Brownstone apartment in New York City. I’ve just moved in but I’ll be sharing all the updates online on Twitter and also on






Will Taylor's first design book, Bright Bazaar: Embracing Colour For Make-You-Smile Style was published in 2014, and his second book Bright Bazaar: Dream Décor, will be out this May.  


Photos by Andrew Boyd 

Article by: Susan Springate