Within a stone’s throw away from the picturesque coastline of Brittany in France, the owners of this extended stone house have created a private escape. It was the idyllic thought of walking into the middle of a forest to get to their home that drew Vlasdimil, along with his partner Jean-Luc and twin brother Vladimir, to this property. The house was showing its age in many ways so it needed renovating, however its location 30 metres above sea level and on the same road as a 15th century fortress was enough to inspire them to take this project on. When it came to designing and styling their bathing space, they knew exactly what they wanted. As with the rest of the house, the bathroom needed to become an extension of the natural surroundings. ‘This house truly is a nature escape where solitude and peacefulness have replaced daily life in bustling Paris’, explains Vladimir.



So, how did they go about creating a bathroom that was welcoming and felt sheltered too? It was a matter of letting plenty of light in and choosing surfaces that would add texture. A skylight is an integral part of the space as it allows natural light to flood in, especially throughout the summer months, and a wonderful smell of the sea fills the room when a breeze blows. ‘What’s important in a bathroom or in any room of a home is that you feel serenity there and that the things you surround yourself with bring joy’, says Morten Bo Jensen, chief designer at Vipp. This is particularly true here as the tranquil area in which the house is perched boasts a serene silence that you wouldn’t find anywhere near a city.


Photos by Anders Hviid

Article by: Emma Foale