Every story has a beginning and this one takes us back 10 years ago to when Vlasdimil, along with his partner Jean-Luc and twin brother Vladimir, first visited the region of Plevenon as tourists to admirethe coastline of Fréhel in Brittany, France. It was just by chance that they happened to pass a local estate agents and spotted a sign for this stone house built in 1927. It wasn’t a matter of falling in love with the house straight away, rather it was the location that was the biggest draw with its undisturbed natural surroundings. So, it was after two years living there that they made the decision to renovate and extend the house with a picture of a cabin in the woods in their minds. ‘We didn’t want to expand or build in the old fashioned way, with the same look and material. We did the opposite, in fact, by adding a 30 square metre glass cube supported by steel beams to the existing stone construction,’ Jean-Luc explains. ‘This way, we invited the surrounding wild nature into the house’.



The finished house is 200 square metres in size covering two floors with two bathrooms, four bedrooms and a large, open kitchen and living space where the panoramic view across the forest is a breathtaking talking point. It certainly gives the notion of ‘living in the woods’ a whole new meaning. Turning their focus to the interior scheme they all agreed that they ‘wanted subtle colours that wouldn’t distract attention from the outside. So the matte black Vipp kitchen was ideal.’ The freestanding island module stands at one end of the spacious open-plan room providing storage space and an area to prepare and cook food with a built-in sink, tap and induction hob. ‘As an architect I enjoy using good quality materials, and so I couldn’t resist the 4mm stainless steel tabletop which can handle hot pots and pans,’ says Jean-Luc. Cooking at home is another passion of his, which leads to another draw of the Bretagne region – it’s known as a mecca for fine seafood. He often buys fresh fish in a local village and prepares delicious meals that all the family can enjoy at the table of an evening. Transforming their open-plan ground floor into a contemporary kitchen, dining and entertaining area has given this family exactly what they wanted and needed. With a functional yet stylish kitchen and full-length glass windows, they can always enjoy the enviable views across their vast one hectare of surrounding land all year round. 



Prices for this Vipp kitchen start from £23,000. Tel 00 45 45 88 88 15.

Photos by Anders Hviid

Article by: Emma Foale