When it comes to planning and styling children's bedrooms, there are so many exciting possibilities. You can try out bold colour combinations and mix and match furniture that you'd not even think of for other rooms in your house. Get inventive and be creative to turn the everyday into a fun adventure. Most importantly spend time choosing what is considered to be the most important piece of furniture – the bed.




Charlie Marshall, founder of Loaf, says: 'Go for pieces that will last some time and look nice too. Kids’ bedrooms are all about compromise – finding a design that children want and enjoy and one that fits the parents’ aesthetic too.' The Possum bed is great for kids aged 10 and under and is made to fit the Little Kids mattress from Loaf which is handmade and designed to be not too soft or too firm. Depending on the age of your child, this might be a decorating project you can take on together. If you have siblings sharing a room or want to accommodate for sleepovers for example, you might want to consider the option of bunk beds and also a play area.




So, how can you choose the right bed for your child? We spoke to founder and director Amanda Short from Nubie for her advice: 'Choosing a child's bed does depend on the age of your child - it is important that you select the right size so they can sleep well. Small doubles are popular because they have the advantage of being suitable from child into teenage years. Choose a low styled bed which is more common with European styles and you will then have the advantage of less bumps in the night during the transition period but the gain for them to grow into it – they adapt much quicker than you think. Many beds are now multi-functional, with trundle drawers for sleepovers or integrated storage doors and drawers for storing clothes or toys if you are short on space.'


When it comes to getting the mattress right, Amanda from Nubie also says: 'Expect to change the mattress a few times as your child grows. A child's back should be supported by a firm but not hard mattress - as they reach their teens you can go for a softer feel. Many mattress manufacturers now make mattresses that only use natural materials, which provide a great start to your child's health as they contain no chemicals.'





Once you've got the bed sorted, it's all about choosing a few other key pieces of furniture for storage such as drawers, a wardrobe and even a desk for a place where your little ones can sit and do their homework. You'll find that you can never have enough storage for clothes, toys and games for example, so don't let space be wasted.





Here's hoping that if the little ones are sleeping well, you might be able to fit in some shut eye too!



Shown from top to bottom and left to right:


Possum bed, £395, Loaf

Victoria single bedstead in white, £375, from Little Home at John Lewis

Larrson single beds painted in Blakeney Blue, from £825; Aldwych side table in Snow, £355, Neptune

Asoral storage children's block bed with eight drawers and shown in Koala Grey, £1,990, Nubie

Classic mid sleeper bed, £1,295; Night Sky appliqué bed linen, from £14, and Night Sky quilt, from £85, all from The White Company

Plain cotton teepee, £120, Cox & Cox

Small wardrobe from the Devon collection, £1,195, ercol for The White Company

Roofus desk and chair, £495, Loaf

Si-Ta side tables, £159 each, Olli Ella

Bloomingville sleeping mouse cushion, £22, and sleeping rabbit cushions, £33, both available from Amara


Article by: EKBB