You started out by doing a course at Leiths School of Food and Wine. What was it about this experience that made you first fall in love with cooking?
I had moved back from New York and settled in London. I tried various different courses, such as interior design, car mechanics, hypnosis and a whole load of other things but found this was what I really loved doing. This course was then followed by a degree at University of West London in Culinary Arts Management for Patisserie. This covered everything from microbiology, to strategic hospitality management and had me delve joyously into the world of patisserie with hours and hours, weeks and weeks spent making cakes, pastries and bakes. I loved it.


Your latest book Eating Well Made Easy came out recently. What is different about this book compared to your others?
I have released various books on different subjects and wanted to show how easy it is to eat healthy, simple meals. It’s family food that tastes great, and which happens to be healthy, whereas some of the other books have been about indulgence.


What is your favourite recipe to whip up if you’re having a treat?
It’s difficult to pick but one favourite is definitely chicken salad with cavolo nero, goat’s cheese and pumpkin seeds, it’s really quick to make and also delicious.



How do you feel that the food industry has changed throughout your career?
I’ve found people are more excited about cooking and trying new things, which I can clearly see from the response on my social media channels. They are much more interested in healthy eating than before.


Are there any chefs or cooks that inspire you and if so, why?
There are many fantastic chefs out there but Jamie Oliver is one of my inspirations, for all he has achieved. His passion for food, helping people and his campaigning, like the better school meals, make him inspiring and as well as a great leader in food.


What electrical appliance do you use the most? What recipes in particular does it really help with?
I love the NutriBullet, and it’s great for making protein shakes.



You’ve done so much in your career, from modelling to cookery books and TV shows. What has been the highlight for you so far?
I’ve enjoyed everything I have done and have learnt so much, now I’m very excited about expanding my YouTube channel!


What are the main goals you want to achieve this year?
To continue doing more of the same, working on the new book, a focus on the U.S. with existing shows and continuing to be happy! 


Photos by Myles New

Article by: Lucy Macdonald