For couple Oren and Michel, their bathroom needed to feel like a natural extension of the rest of their open-plan apartment. In an untraditional way, the design process of this space was less about creating a private and intimate area and more about enjoying its unique layout and spectacular views over Tel Aviv’s red rooftops and shoreline. Throughout the apartment, different materials have been used to divide the kitchen and living areas as well as the bedroom and bathroom. Glass cabinets surround the bedroom, within which the bathroom stands as a solid marble box. ‘The bathroom is a room in a room and I like stepping out of bed and straight into my marble box and shower with a view across Jaffa. I wanted one open-plan space, which is why there aren’t any doors,’ says Oren. The 10cm thick marble cube is a bespoke piece made specifically for this project and its design distinctively creates a frame to the outdoors. Double showerheads from Boffi are positioned opposite an inset basin and wall-hung WC and the space is kept very minimal for a relaxed and functional space. A hidden, built-in cabinet has been placed above the basin area as an alternative to open shelving, providing a useful place for storing essentials. It opens to reveal a mirror which is an all-important part of any bathroom and can be concealed when not in use to maintain the clean and seamless lines of the cube. Styling is kept simple as Oren and Michel have chosen Vipp laundry and pedal pins and toilet brush.



Conscious of their open-plan space and wanting to maintain a natural flow between rooms, Michel and Oren have used a luxurious mix of materials to add interest and texture to the neutral colour scheme. Morten Bo Jensen, chief designer at Vipp, explains: ‘Many of us have a tendency to grow tired of the ‘it’ colours of a specific season after a short amount of time, and then you are stuck with having to invest in new homewares. That’s why our products only come in black and white, because they are classic colours that will never go out of fashion.’ In this bathroom the black, white and grey marble veining of the marble work together beautifully and are warmed by the addition of woods in a very Scandinavian style. All in all, it’s a one-of-a-kind bathing space where daily routine is a pleasure at any time of day. 

Photos by Anders Hviid

Article by: Emma Foale