John Sims-Hilditch, the founder and director of Neptune, shares his top tips for freestanding furniture...


What should we be looking for in a good piece of bedroom storage furniture?

When looking into bedroom storage, quality is key. It’s important to invest in pieces which will grow with you and your living space. Our Chichester and Larsson collections include wardrobes, housekeepers cupboards and chests of drawers in beautiful classic palettes of white and cream, which are timeless additions and will adapt to any trend or decorating scheme you may bring into the home.


What would be on your furniture shopping list for the perfectly equipped bedroom?

Every bedroom needs a good-sized wardrobe with shelving for when you don’t need to hang everything. A chest of drawers is also essential and a bedside table is of course a must for practicality. If you have space a dressing table is also a good investment and helps keep the bathroom clutter-free.



What piece of bedroom storage would you not be without?

A chest of drawers – it’s a simple addition to a bedroom which can adapt to you, your space and your routine. Whether it’s a tall and narrow unit or something wider, it’s a hard working addition.


What does the ideal wardrobe interior feature?

Firstly it would be painted a great shade so that every time you opened the doors you are surprised with a pop of colour. Alongside an adjustable clothes rail, it would have at least two or three shelves for sweaters, jeans and items which can be folded to free up hanging space.


What are the advantages of freestanding over fitted bedroom storage pieces?

With the freestanding furniture you have the ability to move pieces around the bedroom to refresh your interior and items can be multifunctional and used in other rooms.



Shown from top to bottom and left to right:

Frey armoire, from £3,495, Pinch

Armoire, £1,895, The White Company

Audrie chest, £795, Loaf

Chest of drawers, £595, Neptune

Darwin chest, £4,495, The Sofa & Chair Company

Artisan chest, £795, Lombok

Article by: Harriet Paige