Using metal is hardly a new idea, however right now we’re seeing a distinct shift in trends from the use of chrome to the desire for warmer metals such as copper and brass for fixtures and fittings in the kitchen. Metallic finishes come alive when they’re used on statement pendant lighting, whether you’re using it above a dining table or kitchen island. Table place settings are available in a selection of warm metallics, as are splashbacks and tiles, which means you can easily tie a neutral colour scheme together with these subtle accents. Lighting has also become more influenced by architecture and geometric lines, and metallic finishes are adding an opulent effect.




What’s exciting about modern lighting is that designers are experimenting when it comes to the tactility, flexibility and durability of the materials they’re using. Talking about his stylish Grain pendant, Swedish designer Jens Fager explains: ‘Interesting details, such as the profiled edge and its refined matt surface which is made from a specially created mix of bamboo grain and plastic composite, adds a new perspective to the lamp’s look and feel despite its simple iconic shape.’ This has now become an era in which many well-known designs are celebrating anniversaries and being reborn in new colourways, for instance. Lighting is such an important consideration in interiors now and can truly change the look and feel of a room in more ways than one.




One of the dominant kitchen trends of the past couple of years has been industrial-style design. The use of stripped-back, raw and unpolished materials such a metals and woods has increased, showing us that beauty can be found in the handmade design without any added decorative fussiness, and can make a real impression. When it comes to your lighting scheme, think simple. ‘Hang either a single beautiful pendant or a line of lights to create a focal point above an island unit or table. To complement your pendant consider accent wall and spot lights as they’re a great alternative to recessed strip bulbs’, says Sophie Amini, designer at Pooky.


Shown from top to bottom and left to right:

Stem chandelier, £4,255, Tigermoth Lighting

Birdie Suspension light, £249, Foscarini

Grain pendant, £99, Muuto

Hatton 4 pendant, £449, Original BTC

Farrier's Cage Teardrop chandelier, £1,850, Made by The Forge lights, Heal's

Lawrence pendant, £130, Pooky


Article by: Emma Foale