There’s nothing more welcoming than coming home to a roaring fire, so if you’ve been considering investing in a wood burning stove for a while, or need to replace your current model, now is the ideal time to do so. With the trend for wood burning stoves on the rise, they are no longer just seen as practical heating appliances, but also as design-led models, with so many different types and styles to choose from. Here are some we love...





Shown from top to bottom and left to right:

Aeris design by Federico Otero for Cocoon Fires, £2,150

Lawley fireplace, £1,595, AGA

For a similar model try the Uniq 17 from Dean Forge, £780

Morso corner stove, £2,250

C-Six model, £1,060, Charnwood

700 stove, £1,679, Esse


Article by: EKBB