Your choice of materials is important if you want to create a feeling of luxury in your bathing space. Marble has become a popular choice, with many of us taking ideas and inspiration from spa-style or hotel bathrooms. If you want to make a statement then you might want to splash out on a marble bath or washbasin, or if you'd prefer to add accents then a pendant light, candleholder or side table would be good choice.

Senior designer Neil Curtis from Ripples explains: 'If i’m looking to create a bathroom that adds opulence and a timeless feel, then I would opt to use marble. It's very unique and individualist, and what I love is that every slab has its own characteristics. Its striking and luxurious look lends itself to the bathroom very well, I can use it to clad walls, create work surfaces or even use it to create a bespoke shower tray. When it comes to marble, I can work with it to create many design options.'





Shown from top to bottom and left to right:

All accessories including white marble tray, £18, from John Lewis

Bathroom by C.P. Hart

Nordstjerne Alabaster soap pump, £56, Amara

Toothbrush holder, £26, Amara

Menu Pepe marble mirror, £349,

Alimia bowl basin, £600, Fired Earth

Cotton box, £85, Bloomingville

Soap dish, £28, Rockett St George 





Article by: EKBB