If at weekends, your house is home to a constant stream of visitors, a guest bathroom is definitely worth thinking about. Even if friends and family only stay over for the occasional weekend, it is a serious boon for busy families and the dreaded morning bathroom queue. So, whether you sneak a compact en suite shower into a redundant corner or go for a full-blown loft conversion, a designated guest bathroom will give overnighters that all-important privacy and the experience of a home away from home. ‘Creating a bathroom or en suite for guests can be a relatively simple undertaking,’ says Edel Nicholson, Merlyn’s marketing manager. ‘Look at redundant spaces in or around your guest bedroom – do guests really need a wardrobe or very much storage? Installing a separate, self-contained bathroom or en suite will be more welcome and avoids any embarrassment of queuing for the family bathroom at busy times.’



Good planning is essential, particularly where space is limited, and every last detail of a bathroom’s layout needs careful consideration. Architects advise that a space of as little 0.8x2.1metre can comfortably accommodate a shower, toilet and basin, explains Joanne Langton, marketing manager at Laufen: ‘Estate agents believe that an en suite can add as much as £5,000 to the asking price of a house, just as long as you’re not sacrificing a bedroom for the sake of adding a second bathroom,’ she continues. Remember to try not to pack too many items into a bathroom as it will simply become too difficult and uncomfortable to use.



You don’t need masses of storage for guests, but a wall-hung vanity basin with pull-out drawers (one deep and one shallow is a good combination) can be stocked with all the essentials needed such as shampoo, toilet roll, soap and shower gel. Don’t forget to leave a stash of clean, fluffy towels too, perhaps in lovely wicker baskets on open shelving or even on a ladder radiator that can heat the bathroom at the same time. Of course, a guest bathroom should be clean, bright and welcoming as well as functional. You can’t go wrong with a neutral scheme in a small space, with lighter shades on walls and accents of warm woods so the room doesn’t appear too clinical. You can always update with accessories at a later point.


Shown from top to bottom and left to right:

Wall-hung basins, £432, and white gloss double drawer unit, £1,343, Kartell by Laufen
Wall units, My Day collection by Keramag, £966
Selection of products from Alternative Bathrooms
Wall-hung vanity, from £1,888, C.P. Hart
Wall-hung vanity, £1,063, the Artceram
Esperanto basin, £1,616; Lacquered bench, £578; Towel rail, £174, all Rexa Design

Article by: Lara Sargent