We speak to Daniele Brutto, the founder of Hub Kitchens who specialise in modern Italian kitchen designs. Their first UK showroom opened in 2007 in Battersea and continues to be successful with their beautiful kitchens. Daniele opens up about future trends, dream kitchen and exciting projects.


What is your favourite kitchen trend at the moment?


I really love the move towards using natural exotic stones in contemporary kitchen designs now. Once generally only used on more traditional designs, now we are starting to experiment with this natural look on stark clean modern cabinetry with amazing results.


What would your dream kitchen look like?


It would be a subtle combination of materials, reveal amazing storage systems and contain design details only appreciated once really studied.


What can we expect for kitchen trends for 2016?


I think we will see an even greater emphasis on the use of natural timbers in kitchens. There are some amazing timber veneers making their way onto the market, which really gives kitchen cabinetry a rich warm feel. The trend of mixing and matching these veneers to harsher surrounds like concrete, steel and iron will increase in popularity.


Which kitchen style is the most popular at Hub Kitchens?


Handless cabinetry is the most popular style. Customers find they look a lot sleeker and streamlined. I do have some handles somewhere in the showroom, but I couldn’t tell you for sure where and I couldn’t tell you the last time I even fitted a handle!




Have Hub Kitchens got any exciting projects coming up in the future?


Yes we are currently working with a very high end developer on two new mews houses in Notting Hill. These kitchens are using a timber framed bronzed mirror splash back which will look amazing against the stained grey veneered doors chosen for these designs. Both kitchens use a breakfast bar design with tapered veneer legs giving the kitchen a real one off bespoke furniture feel.


We are also currently working on a number of projects for early next year, one of which has an amazing pull out table which overlays an island. When in use the table reveals the hob, when closed the hob is completely hidden.


What is your "must-have" product you believe every kitchen should have? 


Everyone should have a Quooker instant hot tap these days. Clever, simple and very useful.


Why did you decide to move from the furniture industry to kitchens?  


I have always loved designing things, creating products and enhancing the way things work. Kitchen design encapsulates all of this and then gives you the satisfaction of also working with the end user at the same time. Designing products but not actually having any interaction with the end user soon becomes dull, there is nothing like spending months on end building a relationship with a client, designing their kitchen around them and then seeing them so happy with the end result.



Article by: EKBB