From an old warehouse full of construction machines to an ad hoc wine cellar, Marie Honnay and Raphael Casper’s Liège apartment was not your ordinary estate agent’s dream sell. ‘In fact, there was nothing here when we bought it in 2011,’ laughs Marie. ‘No lighting, heat, floor structure or interior brick walls. Literally nothing. But we loved that industrial feel, and it is that mood that we’ve held on to throughout the renovation.’ A dream design combination – Marie is a fashion and lifestyle editor for major magazines including Marie Claire in Belgium and Raphael is an interior architect – they soon set to work together to achieve the resulting quirky apartment space. Their aim was to keep things as close to how it was when they first saw the place, adding in a level of luxury and comfort but ‘no useless decoration’. As neither is a fan of colour the concept was to keep everything as simple as could be, making just the ‘essential interventions’, and keeping the palette to bare brick, concrete, mirror and metallics. ‘We wanted to keep the space as open as it first was, so we have no doors and only one wall separating the bedroom and the bathroom from the main space,’ says Marie. ‘We also wanted to keep the metallic structure visible everywhere and challenge ourselves to create interesting contrasts without colour or objects.’ And the result? ‘We love it!’



Photos by Luc Roymans

Article by: Ciara Elliott