Tess Ward is a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, food writer and author, whose debut cookbook came out earlier this year. We caught up with her to find out more about her food journey...


Where does your passion for food come from?

I have always loved good food. I learnt to cook as a way to satisfy my craving tastebuds. Luckily it is the best thing I ever did. Working in kitchens and training at Le Cordon Bleu only added fuel to the fire.


You published your first cookbook The Naked Diet this year, what can people expect from it?

Healthy and delicious dishes for every day, stripped back and reduced only to the most key ingredients. I wanted to create a cookbook with wonderful recipes that didn't require a home re-mortgage to afford


Are there any chefs or cooks that inspire you in your own cooking?

Nigel slater and Nathan outlaw – that man knows his seafood!



What is your favourite dish to make on a cold winter evening?

My yoga Bowl, which is a recipe in The Naked Diet. Its cheap, nourishing and absolutely perfect for winter weather.


What is your favourite part of Christmas? Do you do the cooking?

Cooking is always a shared task with my family at Christmas. I like doing the sides and gravy, so I can get creative with spices, nuts and herbs. Granny Rosemary is always on pudding duty though, she is the cake queen!



What appliance do you use the most and what recipes is it great for?

I use my NutriBullet every day for soups, sauces and dips. It's so convenient to use and easy to wash. I also couldn't live without my Lavazza coffee maker and my old granite pestle and mortar, it's the oldest piece in my kitchen, gifted to me by my mum.


What is your kitchen like at home?

Its light, bright, airy and rarely out of use. There are always people pottering around, giving constructive opinions on the recipes I have been testing and getting grubby fingers all over my sofa. I have a scrub down daily and often find odd bits of carrot hidden in the most unlikely of places.


Have a look at Tess' website for delicious recipe ideas www.tessward.net

Article by: EKBB